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Clear the rocks, one at a time. That's how you start everything in life, and that's how you build your field of dreams. It's dirty, gritty, hard... It's called work. With special Father's day guest, my own father-in-law, Joe Paradis.


If you don't take a risk on yourself, no one will take a risk on you. Everything that has been created will also be deconstructed by time, so what do you have to lose? We don't live in a box, so don't box yourself in. Flip the box over, stand on top, elevate yourself, and be a pioneer of your vision.


We are complex beings, and some things are by default built into our DNA. Our survival instinct, which served us especially well in times where humans weren't the ultimate predator. But those same mechanisms that protected us can now wreak havoc in life in business if not kept in check. Recognizing the fight or flight response is the first step to reconditioning your mind and body.


From serving coffee at Brazil’s largest bank, to fighting and representing the name of Jiu-Jitsu. American Top Team founder and champion, Ricardo Liborio takes us inside the business of MMA, the winning mindset. He's looking for the flat line of peace in life. What fear is holding you back? The recipe is simple… don’t quit and punch the clock.



From a small café in Washington D.C., today we discuss the moment in which you felt most alive. What was the formula that brought you to that moment, and how can you replicate it again, and again, and again. We also discuss lessons learned at Muster 005. Leadership and winning at ALL COSTS.


Where does inspiration really come from. Does it hit you like a lightning bold, or can you work it like a muscle? You CAN evoke inspiration and creativity even in the hardest times. We all want to be a rocketman, we all are shooting for the stars, the quest to defy gravity. What is not talked about is that your fuel will run out. On occasion, you need to come back to earth. And you may find yourself trying to launch out of quicksand.


America’s mindset deficit is at an all time high. I wonder how we Americans can stop the madness, create opportunity, and start using our minds, hands and daylight. Better yet, how can infuse action back into our culture and communities. Broken homes don’t define you, your background doesn’t define you. You and I, all of us... we have a head start because we live in the kingdom of opportunity, the United States of America.


That word "DESERVE"... wipe it from your vocabulary.This is conditioning for life. Life is going to be painful, there's gonna be some hard times, son. Nothing is given to you, and don't look at the world like you deserve something because you simply exist in a conscious state. If you haven't worked your ass off for it, you don't deserve it. And sometimes, many times, you will work your ass off or something, and you still won't win. And guess what you're going to need to do... tape it up.


Dogs don’t eat dogs, they build packs, together they hunt and eat market share. Goals are futile without action. Actionable execution is futile without planning. Today we discuss goal setting and filling the void with hands and daylight. We discuss our own completed mission “OPERATION SAVE FIRST QUARTER”. How to generate momentum, and the importance of relationships, and knowing who you are. Great things don’t chase you down, you chase down great things.


How do you jump start your morning and life? By learning how to make your daily challenges, and struggles, part of your mission...seize the day, everyday. We also discuss recognizing depression, how a sedentary lifestyle has led to a testosterone deficiency epidemic, and finding that endorphin release we all need through activity to keep our body and mind firing on all cylinders.


Today we discuss working in business with family, spouses and partnerships. The dichotomy created when dealing with family in the workplace. Expectations, emotions, and how to make family a superpower instead of your kryptonite.


Jocko Willink joins us to discuss many topics, including nicknames, controlling your emotions in life, letting emotions take the lead and letting logic take the lead. The dichotomy of emotions, and the balancing act. JIU-JITSU as a metaphor for life and business. WAR, AMERICA, PERSPECTIVE, and much more from JOCKO!


Everyone, at some point in their life is humiliated. The best form of humiliation is an entitlement beat down. Most of the time this is not literal, but for me it was. Learning through a personal, humiliating experience that you are not everything you thought. It’s an opportunity you can either embrace and become stronger from, or let it ruin your future. It’s a self-check that’s exposed by external forces. I personally had two experiences that were humbling and put me in my place.


There has been a rumbling below our feet, and that low hum... that uncomfortable vibration you feel in your body is the foundation this country was built on being stripped away brick by brick. Since when did our teenage offspring become more in enlightened then our forefathers. Since when did the voices of children who have lived in this bubble and who have never seen war and tyranny, who have only lived in a time where technology has become a false God. Since when?

There is a war going on it's taking place inside the hearts and minds of not just America's youth, but of the people of this nation.

Fear has caused tear in the fabric we call America a tear that has been caused by the sharp edges of the bricks being torn down.


WHY would someone run away from all the opportunity in the world, make a decision to leave it all behind, and run and towards the American dream. Today's guest is Andre "Dedeco" Almeida, business man, father, jiu-jitsu champion, and co-owner of Origin. He discusses immigrating to America, leaving it all behind bootstrapped with $100. We also delve into how to handle employees that are stealing from the company, trust, changing an employees perspective, learning english, and what it means to BE AMERICAN.


We all need a little down time... or do we? Sometimes a little friendly banter can go a long way. Today we discuss the impact of vacations on business. Concepts for a new distilled spirit, politics, snowstorms, gumball racing and flying airplanes. Join us in a casual conversation about extremely random stuff.


Customer service and levels of communication. DISARMING customers and having good communication skills. Inspiration for design, balancing form and function, and the design of everyday things. How do you set the price on a product or a service?

Live or die and finding substance in your why. Pete delves into personal struggles with importing and makes a decision to make it in America. Going all in on your why.

What is the startup cost of manufacturing, and how long did it take to become profitable? DICKERING deals to make it work with a ZERO budget... American Picking.




Perception premeditates judgement. But without total 360 degree education, the way we perceive something is solely based off life experiences, what we've been taught, and this formulates what we believe and what we perceive. What if I told you that our entire nation has been brainwashed for generations. That what we've been taught about certain things are just not true, that government, rules, and laws are not always just and not always right. That money and business truly are the defining factors that drive decisions which influence the rest of us.


As I got in my truck to pick up a coffee, and some supplies from our local farmers union, I decided to route my path home on back roads. Most of these back roads are still dirt roads, not extremely well maintained. The only music I listen to on the road is the noise in my own mind, I almost always drive in silence thinking about this place, my family, business, Friends, opportunities. It’s my time to meditate through reflection and prayer.

So I was driving slow with my window cracked trying to get the perfect balance of heat in the vehicle mixing with the air outside. While driving I could feel the snow loosen up and turn to slush, mixing with thawing mud... and my tires were lifting the slush from the road and throwing it against my truck’s undercarriage. My coffee was still a little too hot to drink, but I was entranced by this mix of the outside cold wind hitting my forehead, the warm heater air hitting my face, the sound of the slush on the road, the smell of thawing mud, and the hot coffee in my hand. As I crested the hill overlooking the mountains the sun started to breach the clouds and hit me in the face at the perfect moment of my trance, which heightened all my senses.


Death comes to everything with a heartbeat. Economies are strong in war, farmers and butchers deal death to provide our food supply for 300 million people. Few of us continue the traditions of hunting and gathering, planning and preserving, gardening and growing. We turn a blind eye to how food is grown, killed and processed. What will they say about us in 100 years. Will they teach our great grandchildren how we created injected animals and plants, will they say we partook of a barbarous communion of genetically modified flesh and fast food that is no better than injesting soylent green?

What will they say about us using fossil fuels, burning wood, creating landfills, mining, processing, burning, refining.

For the most part, I'm ok with the way we live. There are things I would like to change, but compared to the way it was, I couldn't be happier to live in this land, raise my children in this country, and believe in this flag and what it stands for. I love that we can harvest and burn wood, that we can mine ore and make steel, that we can refine crude oil into fuel. In 200 years will my way of thinking be extinct?… Probably…


Words are our greatest tool. Words are free for anyone. As kids we said, “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”. The truth is words can be a blessing or a curse. They can build empires or cause wars. Bridges can be burned by words said in haste. And the right words chained together can literally change the world. Shaking someone’s hand, looking in their eyes and letting them know “HERE I AM”. That’s how real deals are crafted, that’s how trust begins. If a word comes out of your mouth, you yourself need to believe it.


His family has been in Maine's wood industry for three generations. Out to prove himself, and with his hands and daylight, Brody Cousineau overcame many obstacles, including rewiring his brain as a young child due to his extreme Dyslexia, now his superpower. Striving to prove the family name after dropping out of college, every time he made a mistake, he also made as he says a "tuition payment". From running a mill at 22 years old to pushing through the economic recession, this podcast is filled with laughter, sadness and wisdom. Brody shares with us his deepest thoughts on failing to fail, and always finding yes.


As an entrepreneur, it’s our duty to pull the best out of our team each and every day. We need to be even tempered day in, and day out. We need to motivate individuals, teams, new hires and seasoned vets. Respect cannot be forced upon someone. You can not demand respect. Respect is earned many ways. Employees ARE your piers, they are are the lifeblood of your business. They are trusted with company secrets. They are the voice on the other end of the phone when customers call. They are the ones putting your master plan in action. Without them, nothing exists. They come to work each day from unique living situations, different lifestyles, and diverse backgrounds. And every single person on this planet has something to offer this place before they leave. It’s our job as leaders to help them tap into their full potential.


People are an interesting creation. Each one of us has free will. We are all born with this innate ability to know right from wrong. It's in our DNA makeup. But the smarter we get, the easier it is to mix the two. The smarter we think we are, the easier it is to convince ourselves of just about anything. Man is the only creature that has freedom to dream, and look at the earth as a playground. We have the intelligence to pull raw materials out of the earth, mixing them and forming them into whatever we want. We are also smart enough to survive in comfort, unlike the rest of the animal kingdom. We pre-plan our meals, shelter, family, lives. We don't run on instinct alone like other two and four legged creatures. We are designed, and driven to build, invent, create, dream, and explore.


I believe, that once distilled, there are three types of entrepreneurs. The first type is the one who wants to start a business because they want to work for themselves. They see working for themselves as “freedom”. Even if their business owns them, and their time, the sheer fact of not having to work for the “man” keeps them engaged in their work. Many times, this person is a sole proprietor, or has a handful of employees. They are happy with paying their bills, taking a yearly vacation, coaching their kids ball games. They are content and enjoy defining their daily schedule. They take challenges head on, They work hard, play hard, and are truly living life to its fullest. They yearn to have a financially healthy lifestyle, not looking to build an empire. That’s OK…  because happiness is defined by the individual person. Success is defined by how the individual interprets it.


If you are one of the select few who live on this earth with a business mind, understand this… Statistically speaking, 75% of the people you employ on your journey will not make it to the end with you. Few will stick with you as the trail is blazed. Most will leave, or be asked to leave. A saboteur may weasel their way in, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. A good apple one day, may start to rot and stink the next. Before you know it, a rotten apple has turned the whole batch rotten. I’ve learned the hard way, I once lost my cult of culture, I lost the answer to the question “why”.  I've been on the forefront of an event that I blame on my own youth, and the result of having a young entrepreneur’s mind. But, this rule of 75% loss,  I’ve changed to a 75% gain, so how do we get there?


People ask me what is jujitsu. I say, jujitsu is what allows a man to be free. Jujitsu is what frees your mind from the noise. Jujitsu is not a religion, although, it is spiritual at times. Jujitsu is about trust Trusting yourself, trusting your partner, trusting the positions. Jiu Jitsu is about letting go. Letting go of what your brain naturally wants your body to do. It's about letting go of ego, letting go of that primal instinct you as a man believe you have. That part of your brain that says in a fight you would win. Because men are built with a block in their mind, some call it a warrior spirit. But having the spirit to be a warrior is futile without training. That block in our brain disguises the truth. You are naturally numb, you are born numb to the truth. It's why young men can walk into battle, it allows us to feel invincible.


To be great at something, you don't have to start with having a bunch of money. You don't have to start with catching a lucky break. The only thing you have to start with, and the most valuable thing that you have been blessed with is your mind! Every great thing in this country and in this world formed first in someone's mind. The minds of men and women, and children...YOUR MIND, is the most valuable asset in the world. When you wonder why CEOs get paid tens of millions of dollars, it's because that organization, that corporation, that enterprise, is investing in what's in that person's head.


If you are a young entrepreneur or starting a business from scratch, there is no such thing as Friday's and Forty hours. You need to work until the work is done. Make hay while the sun shines, that’s not just a saying, it’s an actual statement of what needs to happen. Get used to structuring your entire life around the health of your business. Plan on always being on call for whatever part of the business needs your attention. I think when entrepreneurs are young and ambitious, but lack experience, they have a distorted view of how much actual work will be done by them and them alone.  NOTHING can be built in 40 hours, over a five day work week, especially if you are building an empire. Those building empires don't have timelines. Their week doesn't start on Monday, and end on Friday. The ultimate goal is to have financial freedom, freedom from time, freedom to do the things in life that can only happen with entrepreneurial independence. It’s easy to be blinded by grandiose ideas. But you will put more work in, then you ever thought imaginable. Any business takes a minimum of three years to start making some type of profit, if you're lucky. Plan on three years, 36 months of 100 hr work weeks, 3600 hours. That’s a start. Unforeseen problems are inevitable regardless of how streamlined your business plan is.


Have you forgotten your history? Have you forgotten that you and me, men and women are the ones who drive true change. Have you forgotten that our independence was won through the sacrifice of our ancestors. That what we have today is the sum of their works. Have you forgotten that a movement of the people is the true power we as Americans have. The greatest legacy they left is not the buildings, bridges and infrastructure, it's THE FREEDOM, THE DREAM, AN INDEPENDENT NATION driven by the people. That unified we can literally move mountains. Welcome to the Hands & Daylight Podcast.

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