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DISCIPLINE BREAKDOWN - An in depth “prodcast” about our new cognitive and physical force multiplier. Coming this month! ORIGINLABSUSA.COM

    DISCIPLINE BREAKDOWN - An in depth “prodcast” about our new co...

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Product Description


THE FACTS: Blended with some of the world's rarest and most potent all-natural ingredients, DISCIPLINE is designed and engineered for anyone that wants to get after it in life. Pre-meeting, pre-workout, pre-negotiation, PRE-MISSION. If you are looking for an extra cognitive or physical edge, DISCIPLINE is your force multiplier. We've re-invented what it means to be an entrepreneur, athlete, student, artist...HUMAN.


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  1. GETAFTERIT 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 8th 2018

    I'm a photographer and I get a lot of my shots out on the Appalachian Trail so I end up hiking 10 to 20 miles with not only my camping gear but also my camera gear all on my back about half way through my day I take my Discipline and GET AFTER IT stomping the rest of my day.

  2. Come at me, toddlers 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2018

    This is perfect for the "morning after." Not that kind of morning. I'm talking about the morning after my 1- and 3-year-old kids woke me up multiple times at night for teething/vomit/coughing/cuddles and the entire pot of coffee just doesn't cut it. I drank my first cup of Discipline on just such a day (note: as a 150-pound female, I decided to use only half a scoop).
    Got to the gym, busted out 9 pull-ups in a row when my previous record was 8. Definitely did more than usual at the gym-- a hundred kettlebell swings, lots of squat jumps with kettlebell, etc. I worked out like I had slept really well.

    Spent the rest of the day doing mom stuff: laundry, cleaning messes, disciplining kids, loving on them, cooking dinner, cleaning up a blast radius of rice like you would not believe, bathtime, putting out fights, loving on them some more, reading stories. AND I managed to stay pleasant and patient the whole time. Meanwhile, my husband was on a snowboarding vacation for an entire week and I wasn't even mad.

    This beverage definitely turbo-charged me for the day. Sidenote: I am still breastfeeding the 1-year-old about 3x a day, and I made sure to avoid nursing for at least 4 hours after drinking this, just in case it gets into my milk, which there isn't much of anyhow. I did not observe any change in behavior in the little guy.

    All in all, great gift for any Mom (maybe not for one who is heavily breastfeeding). It's not *delicious* but it doesn't make me gag, either.

  3. GETTING AFTER IT 24/7 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 16th 2018

    After mixing in Discipline at almost every food intake for the past month (Discipline cereal, Discipline sandwich seasoning, Discipline steak salt, Discipline ice cream, discipline water, Discipline coffee, etc.) I am now obsessed with how much I can accomplish in a day. This new found obsession became irritated with having to shut down when I sleep at night. SO, after I set out my gym clothes for the next morning, set my alarm for 4:30AM, finish my pre-sleep Metcon, and BJJ drills with my wife, I eat 3 scoops of discipline with my bedtime tea. I found that the Discipline allows me to GET AFTER IT in my dreams. I can visualize all of my tasks for the following day, read Extreme Ownership from memory, and just overall stay on the Warpath. I never have to wake up before the enemy because I AM NEVER ASLEEP.

Showing reviews 1-3 of 17 | Next

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