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2018 AXIOM BJJ GI - Made in Maine, America

How do you quantify something so incredibly innovative and different that words escape the moment? The AXIOM is the totality of all our hard work here at Origin. Like Roman armor, the AXIOM is the first performance bjj gi ever engineered from field, to fiber, to fabric... not to mention a superior balance of form and function. This is simply is the most advanced BJ KIMONO ever created for the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The AXIOM features a Dragon Weave© GEN 2 jacket, which is embedded with Origin's SilverWick© (pure silver) to keep the microbes off. This Jacket is 100% anti-microbial, and transports perspiration away from your body while maintaining lightness and strength, even during the toughest workouts.

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Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown.
Fact: Weight (or GSM) doesn't always equal strength. Dragon Weave© GEN 2 features a hybrid-blended fiber makeup, specifically engineered for Jiu-Jitsu. This proprietary performance textile was invented by the minds at Origin. This gi not only features the strongest jacket in its class, it's the strongest, most resilient textile that we make. When we engineered our gis and textiles, we did just that. They were truly engineered. It's time to burn your gear and buy it here.

The Mold Has Been Broken. We Invented "Gi Science"
The true difference in Origin is the fit, the feel, and the function. And the only reason we don't charge $500 for this kimono is that we sell all our products factory direct. This gi features Atomic Twill© GEN 2 pants. Another innovative textile, designed and engineered right here in the USA. Here at the factory we like to say Atomic Twill© and cockroaches are the only two things that would survive in an apocalyptic event, these textiles are that tough. Our ultra-light performance pants are 10x stronger than any other gi pant on the market. The fact is, since engineering this textile, we have yet to see anyone tear it. That's two years of ZERO failures. They truly dry as you train, giving you the ability to perform, move, and roll round after round. No matter how hard you are sweating, or how tough your partners grips are, both fabrics are made to perform in the most extreme environments.

The Difference is Our Proprietary Technologies

Dragon Weave© GEN 2 Performance Jacket
Atomic Twill© GEN 2 Performance Pants
Cowboy Cut© To free your joints
Pro Form© Fit Body Mapping Fit
Swivel-Loc© Belt Closure System
StrongStitch© Stitching Throughout
GripStop© Cuffing

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  • 5
    Superb craftsmen ship.

    Posted by Jake on Dec 26th 2018

    I decided to pick up a new gi for Christmas this year. I could not be any happier. I commonly have fit issues with my pants. (I pack a lot of heat, if you know what I mean.) No issue with these pants! Great fit and extremely comfortable. This Gi is fantastic and looks as good as it fits. If you want to make you rolling partners jealous and possibly distract them just long enough to hit that super sexy inverted x gaurd sweep you saw on YouTube, get one of these mothers! You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    Dang, that’s a good gi

    Posted by Dave on Aug 16th 2018

    Decided to check out origin on the 4th of July hoping for a special offer because if a company is American, they have special offers in Independence Day. Got the 1776 which is essentially the axiom and went with the upgraded pants. I went with the pant upgrade because I could customize the length and waist to my odd body shape. Same thing on the top, went a2 long because I’m skinny with a long torso and typically I’d need an a3 to cover the length but had tons of extra ... girth material I didn’t need.

    Love it. Fits about perfect but when I put on my old one, I quickly realize it fits sooo much better. I’m now totally self conscious with my old gi and feel silly since getting my origin one.

    Highly recommend people

  • 5
    Great training gi.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 1st 2018

    Love the pants, and tge buckle system, and the weave is top notch. Looking forward to many training sessions in it.

  • 5

    Posted by Alex on Apr 11th 2018

    You know the old saying "They don't make 'em like they used to?" Well Origin makes 'em like they used to. This gi is a work of art. I love it. It's so comfortable, looks great, and the stitching is really unique. It feels like I'm wearing something that was made to last and made with great care, unlike the other gi's I own that feel cheaply made. Thank you for another amazing product.

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