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Our 2018 DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM Gi features American Smart Pearl Weave. This new performance woven textile is lightweight, fast-drying and 10x stronger than traditional Pearl Weave. It truly is a smart gi. The DEF Gi comes standard with Origin's PRO Pants. Abrasion resistant, inside-out moisture wicking, soil release, and of course there is nothing like it on the market. 100% designed, woven and manufactured in the USA. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS MODEL DOES NOT COME WITH THE INSIDE HAND GRAPHIC.)


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    Fantastic Quality

    Posted by rob tickner on Nov 30th 2018

    Very happy with this gi.

    I was surprised at how lightweight this product felt (as per a previous reviewer, I was very worried I hadn't been shipped a complete order when I first picked the package up!), whilst retaining a feeling of durability, and so far I've seen minimal shrink after washing.

    Whilst I was worried about sizing, I found the sizing guide to be extremely accurate, and the fit is exactly as indicated, which is ideal.

    Overall this cost me a little bit more than anticipated after having to pay some additional customs duty when it got into the UK, but it has been worth it.

    This is clearly a well designed and carefully made product, and I am highly likely to buy another one in the future.

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    Its Special

    Posted by Robin Horner on Nov 27th 2018

    I ordered the Gi as an early Xmas present from the UK I couldn’t wait for it to arrive It took a while for it to get through customs I think they were checking for secret powers but eventually I got it and I wasn’t disappointed .When I picked it up I was surprised how light the parcel was and I thought I’d only been sent the trousers this was not the case.The gi fits perfectly and 5he quality shines through I was asked at my club was it tailored especially for me I just gave them a knowing

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    First Gi

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 9th 2018

    Exceptional gi. But, it is my first ever so I wasn’t sure if my size. Even though I followed the sizing guidelines, the gi is too small and the pants too big. I wear it anyway and deal with the fit. It’s my own fault.

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    Favorite Gi

    Posted by Warren Tanner on Nov 2nd 2018

    I own three Gi's and this is by far my favorite. Drys faster than any other Gi I've owned. Light weight and very rugged. I was skeptical of Origin's swivel lock belt on the pants but have really come to like it a lot. The fit guide was also accurate. I'm 5'11'' 185lbs and I got an A2 with the "standard" length pants and after one wash and normal machine dry it fits perfectly. Right out of the bag it was slightly "loose" but after the machine dry it shrunk (as described in the care instructions that were provided) to the perfect fit. Since the first machine dry I hang dry with great results. I definitely recommend following the recommended waist sizing instructions for the pants. For example if you wear size 34 jeans order size 36 Gi pants. If you don't you probably will not be able to get him over your hips as they do not loosen like "traditional" Gi pants. All around a great product and great customer service!! Get after it!!

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    Getting after it!

    Posted by Austin Lynch on Oct 31st 2018

    Very comfortable and light weight.

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    My favorite

    Posted by John Charles on Oct 29th 2018

    Greatest single piece of fabric to have been created in the history of human existance

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    Best gi I own!

    Posted by Tj on Oct 3rd 2018

    This is my fifth gi and after one wash and dry it fits like a glove. Love the weave of the jacket. Also, I very impressed with how fast the jacket and pants dry compared to my other gis. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality gi made in the USA. Thank you!

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    The path...

    Posted by Bastian Cowsert on Sep 17th 2018

    Don't think, just pull the trigger. This is my first GI and I bought it right before I started training at a studio that STRONGLY suggests that you buy the "studio" GI. So... now I have two GIs and the difference is night and day. The DEF GI fits true to the size chart. I got the A2 Long as my arms are a little long (normally wear 36-37" collared shirts).

    The material can remain stiff or you can soften it up depending on how you wash it (instructions included). I decided to soften it up. I hang dry it and it dries at least twice as fast as my other GI.

    It is a little more money than the "standard" GI you can find online but as Stephen R. Covey stated in his book (7 habits of highly effective people) you must "begin with the end in mind." The end for me is years down the road being a beast on the mat wearing a GI born and raised in the USA.

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    My favorite gi in my collection

    Posted by Joseph W Shaw II on Jul 12th 2018

    I own 8 gi's now, including a black Axion that I have yet to wear because my black DEF gi fits like a glove and is now my favorite. First, off, I'm a big guy (6'4" 270lbs, size XL t-shirt and 40x32" pants), so I was hesitant to trust the sizing chart. I wear an A5 in pretty much every brand but Origin, which had me sized at an A4, but it fits perfectly. I have worn this gi religiously since I received it after Father's Day, and all of my other Gi's are feeling neglected. The Pro Pants are amazing, and I am enjoying the simplicity of the belt system. These are the first pants I've trained in that don't end up coming down on me during training. I don't ever want to go back to drawstrings ever again. The kimono is light but very strong. After two weeks of rolling in it and immediately cold water washing it and hang drying, the fit has stayed perfect. Best of all, where it takes most of my gi's 24-36 or more hours to hang dry, I can hang this one up at 10 PM and it is dry when I get up at 5 AM, and that is without using a fan to speed things up. My Fuji academy issue, 93Brand, and Hypnotik gi's all require a box fan to dry within 24 hours, and the Fuji has taken as long as 48 hours before.

    This was my first order with Origin, but I had communicated with them via text a week prior while looking at several different items (spats, rashguards), and they were quick to provide answers to my questions and sizing inquiries. Apparently, Pete and I are sized very similarly, which may explain why this fits so well.

    I am planning to pick up another one of these, probably in white (a color I actively avoid because it gets dingy so quickly), or maybe just another black one so this one won't wear so quickly. I'm sure at some point I'll use another one of my gi's, but not any time soon. I'm an Origin fan for life.

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