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Our 2018 DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM Gi features American Smart Pearl Weave. This new performance woven textile is lightweight, fast-drying and 10x stronger than traditional Pearl Weave. It truly is a smart gi. The DEF Gi comes standard with Origin's PRO Pants. Abrasion resistant, inside-out moisture wicking, soil release, and of course there is nothing like it on the market. 100% designed, woven and manufactured in the USA. (PLEASE NOTE: THIS MODEL DOES NOT COME WITH THE INSIDE HAND GRAPHIC.)


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    Best gi I've owned

    Posted by Chris Mio on Jun 6th 2018

    I'd heard of Origin but didn't know anything about them until I heard Pete Roberts on Jocko's podcast, then knew I needed to support this American company!! Best gi I've owned, out of the bag I first noticed the top notch craftsmanship. Fit is excellent, I like the athletic cut! I've owned Howard Combat, Atama, Live Love Fight, Fuji, Nous Defions and this outclasses them all. Customer service is top notch also. I ordered pants a little too big and they quickly exchanged them.
    Great company!

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    LOVE IT!

    Posted by Jamie on May 29th 2018

    I ordered the white Gi first but seeing as I roll primarily with females, I opted to purchase the black Gi as well (to avoid makeup stains). These Gi are HANDS DOWN a cut above the rest. My order arrived in less than a week and the fit feels custom to my body type. I'l never buy Gi from anyone but ORIGIN.

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    I'm in love

    Posted by tau on May 17th 2018

    The first thing you notice about the gi is its material; like the other reviewer said, light shines right through it, so it's extremely light and breathable.

    The next thing you realize is that the pants are probably the best gi pants ever made; material and fit were perfect and the swiveloc belt should be sport standard (but is unfortunately ibjjf illegal).

    I ordered the rashguard with the gi, and it's a bit small; I recommend ordering a size up.

    10/10 fully recommend, will definitely buy from these guys again if they release another jocko related gi.

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    Suffers no mediocrity!

    Posted by Brian Oravetz on May 15th 2018

    I became an Origin customer when Pete first launched the company; starting with the original black and blue gi's made in Pakistan. Pete knew how to work quality control; and he created an amazing gi way back then. Not suffering from complacency he started manufacturing in the US, and he raised the bar, making what I thought were perfect gi's.

    The always forward mentality, never digging in, Origin releases this gi with the perfect message, and as with all of the other Origin gi's, it lives up to and shines perfectly on the origin of Origin; perfection achieved, appreciated, then improved upon.

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    Not your average pearl weave

    Posted by on May 14th 2018

    I ordered this Gi after purchasing the flagship axiom kimono a few months ago. I was a bit hesitant, thinking that this jacket would be a lesser version of my previous purchase. I expected this to be a standard pearl weave with Origin’s craftsmanship and design. It is not. This gi is every bit as impressive as my axiom. It has the same great stiff collar. The cut is very functional. And the textile is very breathable and feels very light. ( I would be curious to see what the gsm is) if you are looking for something “better” than the usual pearl weave gi’s; this is every bit “it”. And of course it’s American made. By the way, don’t be surprised by how many Jocko fans give you a head nod, or want to talk to you about the podcast.

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    Great Gi!

    Posted by Daniel Tscherny on May 9th 2018

    This is a very nice gi that fits well. The fabric is very sturdy and super breathable. The weave is unlike any other I have seen. It's so breathable, you can actually see daylight through the weave!
    The quality of this gi is obvious as soon as you take it out of the box. Of course, it is made in the USA, which is a huge plus.
    I'm not sure how I feel about the swivel lock belt. It's a solid, non elastic nylon belt with a swivel buckle. I'm going to try to get used to it, but I think I prefer the elastic rope (which is also an option).
    I have several gis, and this is my favorite. I would definitely buy one again!

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    Will improve your Jiu-Jitsu by 8000%

    Posted by shawn on May 7th 2018

    This is my second DEF Gi, and second Origin Gi. When I ordered my first one, I was a bit skeptical but the fit and finish soon became more comfortable than any of my other Gi's so I had to order a second one! The cut and style are top notch, and the material is super comfy. If I wasn't training all the time, I'd sleep in this Gi.
    With that said, here is your one big WARNING: you'll want to wear this Gi all the time. To bed. To work. On dates. Or even just hanging out at the mall. You will attract the opposite sex while wearing this Gi, and your Jiu-Jitsu will automatically power up by 8000% as soon as you open the package and take that first smell of the freshly woven materials!

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    DEF. Hands & daylight.

    Posted by Mike D. on May 2nd 2018

    Hands and daylight constructed, and provided, this gi. Top quality, durability, and attention to detail. All delivered on the posted timeline. This is my second Origin investment and it wears like a custom made in America suit. I could not be more pleased with this purchase and the ability to support this brand.

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