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Built to last, built in America. Competitively priced, and precision built. Featuring gold embroidery, this gi is sure to keep your ground game on point. Featuring Origin's ultralight ATOMIC TWILL GEN 2, this performance-blended fabric is featured on both the jacket top and pants, with a combined weight under 2 lbs. Atomic Twill GEN 2 is built for not only strength, but is incredibly abrasion resistance. Atomic Twill GEN 2 features four primary advancements including soil-release, anti-wrinkle, stain-repellent and "inside out" moisture-wicking. Once your perspiration leaves your body, Atomic Twill GEN 2 transfers the sweat to the outside of the garment allowing it to dry. It will not reabsorb!

     (2X Stronger than Ripstop)

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  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Jonathan Pounders on Aug 13th 2019

    Light weight, great fit. Beats my Fuji Gi any day of the week. This will be the first of a few Gi's I buy from Origin.

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    Apache BJJ GI

    Posted by J Miller on Jul 30th 2019

    Love this GI! Its lightweight and it dries incredibly fast.

  • 5
    Apache BJJ GI

    Posted by Shawn Isaak on Jun 14th 2019

    Excellent quality and comfortable from day one.

  • 5
    First gi!

    Posted by Antonio on Apr 2nd 2019

    Recently started bjj and wanted to buy my own gi asap. Received it a couple days earlier then expected which was nice and so far it’s awesome. I’m 5’7” and weigh about 145 and got the a2..fits well. At first really stiff but after wearing it and washing it a couple times starting to fit much better. I was interested in getting the navy colored one but unfortunately it wasn’t in stock, I was also interested in the atleta for competition but wasn’t in stock either. Either way will definitely be buying when they’re available again!

  • 5
    First adult gi

    Posted by Chris Hamilton on Jan 17th 2019

    My 12 year old son just transitioned into adult sizes. He was very surprised to see how much better the origin gi fits his body.you will not be disappointed with this product.

  • 5
    Can't buy another gi

    Posted by Veronica E Galindo on Jan 4th 2019

    With over 10 years of training, I have tried several brands in regular training and competition settings. I've searched for gis for a feminine cut and have found great gis. However, after finding Origin, I cannot see myself ever using another gi. This gi allows for precise measurements and is light to the touch which makes me feel like I'm rolling free of constraint. The belt system is second to none and has allowed me to flow even better without having to worry about my pants falling down. This belt system is a game changer! This is my super gi!

  • 5
    Warrior w/ ProPants (+Laundry)

    Posted by JEREMY GFD on Dec 14th 2018

    FEEL: Noticed right off this gi is definitely the lightest weight. It’s like it floats in your hands. Ton of stitching details on it. The jacket & pants feel light while wearing them. It moves well and I really don’t notice them while training. You will feel “slicker” for your opponent’s grips. There was no re-adjusting needed for ProPants in between rolls.

    WASH & WEAR: I warm wash and heat dry our gis. These Origin Warriors are much easier on the washing machine – no more banging noises! Plus drying times are cut way back. It stands up to abuse on the mats and in the laundry without any ill effects or shrinkages. Fits same after washings.

    SIZING: I started with my usual size (A2) then moved down to (A1). Usually I’m in-between sizes and I prefer shorter sleeves. The next size down gives jacket a great fit for me right out of the box. The ProPants are what custom fitting is about! I’m go with 32 waist and shorter 28 inseam (my normal jeans are 31X33 at 5’10” & 170 lbs.)

    SUMMARY: I love my Origin Warrior gi with ProPants. A solid, very light and rugged uniform with so many benefits for training, and laundry, and even in packing – it takes up a lot less space. I have three colors – Black, Blue and White… and can’t wait for Special Colors to come back. I’m seeing Navy or Steel Gray in my future!

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    The adventure begins!!

    Posted by Travis on Dec 9th 2018

    Just started my journey into BJJ at 45 and am thankful will never have to know what a bad Gi is thanks to Origin!!! My Apache gi is FREAKING AWESOME!!! Let there be no doubt that this is just my first origin gi!!! Received compliments from one of my lead instructors on how nice & light weight the gi is!!!

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    Awesome Gi

    Posted by Martin on Oct 26th 2018

    WHY is anyone still wearing regular GIs? I am from Austria, so shipping is quite expensive, and made me hesitate to go for this GI. But man, it is worth it. Light, strong, looks awesome, and nobody in my gym has ever seen an Origin GI. So there might be some more orders from Austria soon ;-)
    Also - the pants are really big around the waist. They could be around 5cm smaller on the waist and still fit everybody.

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