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The evolution in children's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimonos has just become a reality. Manufactured by Origin of Maine, this kimono is crafted with precision and care. Featuring our Cowboy Cut©, Tactical Twill© Jacket and Pants, and our ALL NEW PRO-LOC closure system for the pants. Parents and instructors, you heard that right. No more retying pants. The Prodigy Warrior comes was created by the minds at Origin. Engineered for performance, manufactured with exacting standards. Made in the USA There is no second choice, your child deserves the best.

Our sizing is geared around standard American sizing guidelines. It's easy, don't overthink this!

5/6 - For a 5 or 6 year old size child
6/7 - For a 6-7 year old size child
7/8 - For a 7-8 year old size child
8/9 - For a 8-9 year old size child
9/10 - For a 9-10 year old size child
10/11 - For a 10-11 year old size child

If your kid is 7 years old, but he is a big 7, put him or her in a 7/8. If you have a small 7 year old, put him or her in a 6/7. Shop for your Prodigy Warrior gi the same you you would go back to school shopping for clothes.

For additional questions on sizing, please call the factory 1-207-305-3222.

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1st Gi for my son
Posted by John on Jun 15th 2023
Fits great my boy loves it
1st Gi for my son
Posted by John on Jun 15th 2023
Fits great my boy loves it
Youth Prodigy Gi in White
Posted by Josh Bjorvik on Mar 7th 2023
Ordered this for my daughter as she is starting BJJ. Incredible quality. She absolutely loves this Gi. Nothing but compliments from her instructors and classmates. She even wears it at home showing off her moves to her siblings that they are getting their own Gis and joining her in class now. Sizing is spot on to Origins recommendation. Very easy to roll up sleeves or pants to accommodate kids growth spurts. Stop reading my review and just order your kid one already!