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The evolution in children's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimonos has just become a reality. Manufactured by Origin of Maine, this kimono is crafted with precision and care. Featuring our Cowboy Cut©, Tactical Twill© Jacket and Pants, and our ALL NEW PRO-LOC closure system for the pants. Parents and instructors, you heard that right. No more retying pants. The Prodigy Warrior comes was created by the minds at Origin. Engineered for performance, manufactured with exacting standards. Made in the USA There is no second choice, your child deserves the best.

Our sizing is geared around standard American sizing guidelines. It's easy, don't overthink this!

5/6 - For a 5 or 6 year old size child
6/7 - For a 6-7 year old size child
7/8 - For a 7-8 year old size child
8/9 - For a 8-9 year old size child
9/10 - For a 9-10 year old size child
10/11 - For a 10-11 year old size child

If your kid is 7 years old, but he is a big 7, put him or her in a 7/8. If you have a small 7 year old, put him or her in a 6/7. Shop for your Prodigy Warrior gi the same you you would go back to school shopping for clothes.

For additional questions on sizing, please call the factory 1-888-858-1416.

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  • 4
    White Prodigy Warrior Kids Gi

    Posted by Nathaniel Donnelly on Oct 19th 2020

    Only reason it's not 5 stars is because Origin doesn't make a gi small enough for my 4-year-old daughter. She'll grow into it. However, the quality is spectacular. I've owned many gis, including 2 Origin gis, and they have outlasted all the others while becoming more comfortable the more I wash (and dry) them. I have no doubt my little warrior princess will outgrow this gi before it becomes unserviceable. It will be handed down to my 8-month-old eventually, and I'm sure he'll outgrow it as well. Perhaps this will be a multi-generational gi! Time will tell, but I'll bet the proverbial "farm" on it. From dirt to shirt, 'Murica! Out here.

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    Solid GI

    Posted by Dennis Maney on Aug 24th 2020

    Origin makes some really nice GIs. We bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it too. It didn't come with the embroidering as shown—a little disappointed. However, we didn't think we'd get it in time for Christmas and we did. We were happy enough with getting in time for her.

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    Prodigy Warrior Kids

    Posted by Paul on Jan 3rd 2020

    Nice simple Gi. Great thought to the cut with one piece used for the back and arms. Knee patches in the correct spot so when knees are bent, knees are completely covered and not wearing on the stitching. Triple stitching at the seams. It's not fancy, it doesn't need to be, simple well made quality.

  • 4
    Good GI, No Belt

    Posted by Alex on Nov 13th 2019

    Good GI, but figured it would come with a belt for this premium price. No option for a belt on order and no indication that it does not come with a belt on ordering.

  • 5
    Quality Gi for a good price.

    Posted by ajhartnell@gmail.com on Aug 11th 2018

    This was purchased for my daughter as a birthday gift. She has been practicing BJJ for a year and was ready for a new Gi. I searched for a USA made Gi and found it with Origin. The sizing scale is perfect and the material is lightweight and comfortable but very durable. I would recommend this product to anyone with kids in BJJ.

  • 5
    Exactly what I expected - Great Product

    Posted by Matthew Russell on Feb 16th 2018

    It is a great product. My kid really liked it and everyone at the school was asking where it came from.

  • 4
    Great First Impression

    Posted by Jason on Dec 20th 2017

    We are saving the Gis as Christmas presents. We opened the package and looked at them. They look and feel excellent. The boys will be rolling in them very soon.

  • 4
    Well Made

    Posted by Justin on Sep 27th 2017

    Well crafted. My 8 yr old is small for his size, so I went with 6/7 size. Length was good, but the waist was a bit big for him. Luckily, there are drawstrings to adjust the waist. At first I was going to exchange for the next smaller size, but the quality is excellent, so I know he has a gi he can grow into for the next 2-3 years. Hand made in USA and excellent quality!

  • 5
    Beautiful Gi

    Posted by Edward Bean on Jul 10th 2017

    The Gi is awesome, my daughter loved it, it's just much bigger then expected, and will have to be exchanged.