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Posted by Pete Roberts on Mar 29th 2016

Our manufacturing schedule has been pushed one week due to a dyeing machine going down for repairs. Everything from the week of MONDAY, APRIL 4th will be pushed forward one week, as the machine will take one full week to fix. This includes all Origin Kimono Models (Mist, Silverback, Congo), as well as AXIOM models. During our down week APRIL 4th-8th, we will be manufacturing the remainder of the Warrior Brand kimonos, small sizes, big sizes, and off colors. We will also tackle any repairs and exchanges. If you see your gi has been made, please allow a few days for trimming, inspection, packing and shipping.

This week (March 28th), 95% of A2, A3, A4 Warrior kimonos will be shipping. The remainder, as stated above will now be manufactured next week. We should have inventory by the end of next week, so turnaround will be prompt on Warrior gis.

One thing we did not anticipate this year was the extreme growth we’ve shown first quarter of 2016. We’ve woven more fabric than we wove in the first six months of last year. We are in the process of training a second shift to handle this growth. It’s my goal that by May we will have inventory in all models for both brands, Origin and Warrior. We are receiving our raw materials on a better schedule, and because of the machinery we added last year, our turnaround and processes have become extremely efficient.

Our kids gi line has been a bit neglected due to our extreme growth. We will plan on making a good years supply of kids gis in May/June. Prodigy kimonos and Young Warriors will be manufactured at the same time.

Now that we are manufacturing “Classic Cut” pants, we are also taking on private label projects. Our second, and possibly third shift will be handling these special projects. We are extremely competitive with import pricing so get with for a quote. Stop sending your dollars oversees, let us handle it for you.

In April we will be launching our new ORIGIN STRONG website. This will be an amazing marketplace for all our innovative strength and conditioning gear, as well as our new supplement line Q5 by ORIGIN. We are stoked to be working with Q5 to offer some amazing products and specially designed stacks.

Due to our overwhelming growth, we are looking at adding another 8,000 sq ft to our factory in the woods. It’s your overwhelming support driving this company’s growth. We appreciate every customer. Each one of you is contributing to helping us save American Manufacturing. You are creating jobs, economy, and fueling the tremendous growth of America’s next big brand.

Thank you,

Pete Roberts

P.S. We have a great special this week called "TAXIOM". See below for details.