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Sons of Liberty Gi Photos

Jun 18th 2015

"SONS OF LIBERTY" - First Look & Father's Day Special
This Gi represents our great country and our commitment to American manufacturing. It epitomizes the Origin brand, what we stand for and how we roll. In honor of the Declaration of Independence, It will be priced at $177.60. If you want to stay up to date and see this Gi come to life firsthand, please join the ORIGIN USA ELITE Facebook group. We will be launching the pre order on the 3rd of July for those Elite members. We will also be posting a video of this gi in action, live rolling! The general public will be able to order on July 4th. For more information on Origin and our commitment to American Manufacturing, please check out our website.

P.S. We are running a Father's day special. 10% off all gis until tomorrow! Use the code "BJJDADDY" on checkout!

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please call us at the factory 207-860-2626

P.S. If you are attending this years Immersion Camp, the FREE AXIOM promotion ends on the 15th of June (12 days away). So take advantage of this promotion! CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTER