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This is NOT an N95 rated mask
Mask measures approximately 8" by 7"
The mask is washable/reusable
No Pocket:
Unlike our DEF Masks, Delta Face Coverings do not have a pocket for a filter
These masks are made to order, there are NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES, we appreciate your understanding and support!
No coupons or discounts will apply to these masks, they are already discounted.



Designed as part of Origin's response to the CDC's and the Presidential Task Force's call for help, the DELTA Mask creates a washable and reusable alternative for the general public.

With the new CDC recommendation for all Americans to wear a face covering of any cloth material we knew we could do more as a company. We designed the Delta masks to serve this purpose. A "run and gun" face covering as you engage in urban activities on a daily basis.

We have enough denim woven to manufacture 60,000 masks, so we made a tough decision to shut our jeans line down and start manufacturing these as of April 6 2020. To manufacture the DELTA masks it takes a completely different set of machinery and skills which our blue jeans operators already have.

We retooled our factory on March 22nd, 2020 to manufacture masks full-time. We started with the Defender DEF masks first, and on April 6th, 2020 we started manufacturing the Delta Face Covering Mask. We are building both masks to order.

Please know these two lines (Delta Face Coverings and Defender DEF masks) are independent of one another. These masks / face coverings serve two different purposes, solving two different problems.

Design Features:

  • Washable and Reusable
  • Comfortable and Reliable for every day use
  • Durable Comfort Stretch Denim
  • American Cotton Grown in the South
  • Made In America


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  • 5
    Review of Delta face covering mask

    Posted by Stefano on Feb 3rd 2021

    Amazing look, great quality, makes you happy of wearing a mask!!

  • 4
    Recon face mask

    Posted by Recon facemask on Jan 19th 2021

    Good sturdy material and nice color. I only wish that the top of the mask will stay snug around the nose and over the ears during BJJ despite frequent adjustment of the top strap! Otherwise, nice mask. I'm sure Origin will continue to take feedback and improve its next mask models.

  • 5
    Love the mask

    Posted by Michael Dixon on Dec 28th 2020

    This mask is better then all my others and my co-workers want it ,so I tell them about the website

  • 5
    Best mask out there.

    Posted by Spencer Gooch on Dec 22nd 2020

    I have to wear a mask for work for hours at a time and this mask is perfect. The material is heavy, and that is oddly reassuring. I like knowing it’s there. The tie-back feature also makes it possible to wear without discomfort around the ears. The aesthetic is great - clean, shaped well, and understated. I loved the DEF masks that Origin started with, but the Delta really ups the game. Hands down, this is my favorite mask I own. Kudos to Origin for being the kind of company willing to try something different and innovative, all in service of their community.

  • 5
    Thick & Sterdy

    Posted by Luke on Nov 29th 2020

    It's made out of thick material and feels good. I wear this to the weight room, which is required here, and wash it without worrying it will fall apart.

  • 5
    Like jeans for your face

    Posted by Matt J. on Nov 12th 2020

    Great stuff. Definitely seems to be made for a larger head/face. The fabric is awesome and benefits from a cycle or two through the wash to work out some slight stiffness.

  • 4
    Great Craftsmanship

    Posted by Dave on Nov 8th 2020

    Top quality and craftsmanship. Bought it because I want to support American businesses even though I was afraid it wouldn't fit. Sadly I was right, it doesn't fit. That being said I am on the large side of craniums so normal people should have no problem. I highly recommend the mask based on quality and price alone. I'll be donating mine to someone else and I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

  • 4
    Mission Accomplished

    Posted by Cody on Nov 6th 2020

    With this mask, I’m able to get up at 4am, get after a workout, and accomplish the mission. It’s honestly a great mask, very durable, and comfortable. My fiancée wasn’t able to wear the one I got her because her head is nowhere near the size of my melon sized head, which seems to be who they’re made for.

  • 5
    Face mask

    Posted by Chris Rick on Oct 12th 2020

    Awesome mask. Like that I’m able to adjust the size of the straps to fit me. The traditional masks one strap would always break if I pulled it to hard while putting it on. Also covers my whole face and is breathable.