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This is NOT an N95 rated mask
Mask measures approximately 8" by 7"
The mask is washable/reusable
No Pocket:
Unlike our DEF Masks, Delta Face Coverings do not have a pocket for a filter
These masks are made to order, there are NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES, we appreciate your understanding and support!
No coupons or discounts will apply to these masks, they are already discounted.



Designed as part of Origin's response to the CDC's and the Presidential Task Force's call for help, the DELTA Mask creates a washable and reusable alternative for the general public.

With the new CDC recommendation for all Americans to wear a face covering of any cloth material we knew we could do more as a company. We designed the Delta masks to serve this purpose. A "run and gun" face covering as you engage in urban activities on a daily basis.

We have enough denim woven to manufacture 60,000 masks, so we made a tough decision to shut our jeans line down and start manufacturing these as of April 6 2020. To manufacture the DELTA masks it takes a completely different set of machinery and skills which our blue jeans operators already have.

We retooled our factory on March 22nd, 2020 to manufacture masks full-time. We started with the Defender DEF masks first, and on April 6th, 2020 we started manufacturing the Delta Face Covering Mask. We are building both masks to order.

Please know these two lines (Delta Face Coverings and Defender DEF masks) are independent of one another. These masks / face coverings serve two different purposes, solving two different problems.

Design Features:

  • Washable and Reusable
  • Comfortable and Reliable for every day use
  • Durable Comfort Stretch Denim
  • American Cotton Grown in the South
  • Made In America


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  • 5
    Delta Face Covering mask

    Posted by Guy Iaquinta on Jun 9th 2020

    Very happy with the product , its very well made . I like that the tie strings are supper long and it looks great !

  • 5
    Great Mask!

    Posted by Josh B. on Jun 9th 2020

    I bought this for my woodworking projects to help prevent breathing in the sawdust and sanding dust. Works great! More comfortable than the n95 style, washable and I am proud to support a US company.

  • 5
    Good To Go

    Posted by Joe Tassani on Jun 9th 2020

    Face covering is good to go, durable, large....and fashion friendly. Thanks for adapting and keeping the world a bit more safe!

  • 5
    Recon Face Covering Mask

    Posted by Ryan Ellefson on Jun 9th 2020

    Serves its purpose perfectly, and fits my big head perfectly.

  • 4
    Delta face covering mask

    Posted by Nem on Jun 9th 2020

    I'm pleasantly surprised by the mask. The fabric, denim, is comfortable to wear. The dual string tieing mechanism is great. Gives me more control over position and tightness then the looped style masks. While at the same time not pulling on my ears. Haven't tried it for physical activity other than walking. I took one star off because it should have a nose pincher thing. Someones review showed them installing one through the string. I have yet to do this. But the issue is that if you wear glasses or sun glasses they tend to fog up, which is common for most masks without the barrier.

  • 5
    OM Masks

    Posted by David Matthews on Jun 4th 2020

    I started with the Def Mask. Extremely comfortable for all day wear and the pocket for filtering material came in very handy. I bought the Recon mask next because the quick cinch made it very convenient for quick trips and it was very secure. I just recently bought the Delta mask to complete my collection because these are high quality products and I appreciate that Origin has suspended other product lines to makes these masks. And, of course, being made in America was the icing on the cake.

  • 4
    Awesome fit

    Posted by Josh Owens on May 21st 2020

    This is a great fitting mask. Apparently I have a slightly above average sized head as all the elastic banded masks I've tried end up popping off my ears. I use it all the time for quick trips to the store and other errands. It's even great as a covering in cold weather for couple hour hikes in sub 30F temps. Unfortunately I need a mask to wear at work in a kitchen and warehouse after 20-30 minutes the denim can get quite stifling. I wish they made one just like this in a sport performance cotton

  • 5
    For a Man

    Posted by Joy on May 20th 2020

    Well made and great material. I forgot to keep in mind that my head and face are toddler sized, and ended up gifting it to my ex-husband. It was far too large to fit my face.

  • 4
    Delta Face Covering Mask

    Posted by Wilma on May 20th 2020

    Got four of them. My son in law loves it; he bikes with it as it is sturdy and wraps around his face well. The straps in lieu of elastic make them better adjustable to the four of us, two men and two women, two young ones and two seniors. And it can be rinsed up with a face towel easily without needing ironing or wrinkling.