The BUILT Boot - Whiskey Big-Lug

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The BUILT Boot - Whiskey Big-Lug

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Product Description

Story of The BUILT Boot

What do we mean when we say we're bringing manufacturing back to America?

From resurrecting the local knowledge, to bringing the machinery back into this country.

The BUILT Safety Toe Work Boot is the culmination of that effort.

ASTM F2413 certified:


These boots are BUILT for those who work.

In 2011 we built a timber frame factory in the woods of Maine. We found the old timers to show us the old ways. We did what had to be done. We dug deep in the ground and in our hearts. We brought back what was forgotten. The people remembered why they used to be makers. “The world’s best”, that’s what American Made used to mean. Here’s the secret... it still does.

We source our materials and components close to home. From brass eyelets, to laces and thread, everything is sourced domestically. Proving the American supply chain is still very much alive. Have comfort that your boots are 100% Made in America, without compromise.

Leather and Brass

Features and Benefits

  • Safety toe cap
  • 8” Heritage style hybrid construction
  • Composite safety toe cap ASTM F2413 Rated (I/C/EH)
  • Aggressive open mold soles
  • Water resistant leather
  • Leather lined inner
  • Speed hooks for easy lace-up
  • Fiberglass shank
  • Heel collar
  • Heel loop
  • Gusseted tongue

Factory Blockchain

At Origin, our promise is Made in America Without Compromise. That means we exhaust exhaust all efforts to source every major and minor material, fiber and component in America, even if it takes longer or the cost is higher. On occasions, we've found America has lost certain manufacturing abilities, and we are unable to make a component here. When this happens, we look to countries close by for support, but we also put out a call to arms to help us find or restore that part of the supply chain. Sometimes, we buy factories, re-shore old machines and make it ourselves. The Origin Factory Blockchain is a transparent look at where every part of your garment or footwear comes from.


  • Upper Leather - Made in Wisconsin
  • Leather Lining - Made in Wisconsin
  • Rubber Outsole - Made in Massachusetts
  • Woven Laces - Made in North Carolina
  • Foam Innersole - Made in Missouri
  • Foam Footbed - Made in Ohio
  • Brass Eyelets - Made in Massachusetts
  • Sewing Thread - Made in North Carolina
  • Vegtan Midsole - Made in South America (help us secure this supply chain)

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Whiskey Big-Lug Boot
Posted by Gabe Washburn on Mar 26th 2023
These boots are great! Saved my Toes! I bought my first pair about 8mo ago, I work as an electrician so I spend a lot of time on my feet. What really sold me on these boots is when I had a 400-500lb wire spool fall off the back of a work truck and land on the toe of my boot… no factor, didn’t even feel it and it saved my toes for sure. Another instance is I dropped them out of my truck one night in the winter and left for a weekend trip. Came home and there they were sitting with my tire marks over them frozen in place, brought them inside, thawed them out and oiled them up, good as new! I recommend them to just about every contractor I know, can’t wait to make it back down to the factory store for another pair! Thank you guys for such a great product, and thank you for saving my toes.
Best Boots ever, and great value to be honest
Posted by Robert Fleming on Mar 22nd 2023
Wanted to support american, bought american, and really like the product. Most comfortable working boots i've ever put on. I've been through all manner of military boots and those with ankle support and steel toe etc and these are the most supple yet sturdy boots to date. Felt broken-in right out of the box. Can't say enough good things and you're not spending what you'd have to for a pair of nicks or whites. Personally I probably won't wear these out like some loggers or something might so cost benefit ratio is exactly where it needs to be for me. Great product, kudos to the americans who put these out and would buy again.
Whiskey Big Lug
Posted by Cliff Curtis on Mar 20th 2023
Boots were comfortable out of the box. Every aspect of the boot is well made. The leather is great quality. I’ve been wearing them for a couple weeks and they only keep getting better.