The American Bison Boot - Christy Natural

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The American Bison Boot - Christy Natural

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Product Description

Story of the American Bison Boot

The Bison Boot is in a class of its own. It’s made with American Bison hides that are each unique like the legendary animal itself. Slipping your feet in the Bison Boots is an experience in itself, as the leather forms to your foot instantly. The perfect balance between form and function, the Bison boot is in a class of its own.

In 2011 we built a timber frame factory in the woods of Maine. We found the old timers to show us the old ways. We did what had to be done. We dug deep in the ground and in our hearts. We brought back what was forgotten. The people remembered why they used to be makers. “The world’s best”, that’s what American Made used to mean. Here’s the secret... it still does.

All our leather is tanned right here in Maine, 45 minutes from the Origin boot factory. We source our materials and components close to home. From brass eyelets, to laces and thread, everything is sourced domestically. Proving the American supply chain is still very much alive. Have comfort that your boots are 100% Made in America, without compromise.

American Bison are a unique untamed animal. Each hide therefore is also unique, and varies in shade, and character.

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Leather and Brass

Factory Blockchain

At Origin, our promise is Made in America Without Compromise. That means we exhaust exhaust all efforts to source every major and minor material, fiber and component in America, even if it takes longer or the cost is higher. On occasions, we've found America has lost certain manufacturing abilities, and we are unable to make a component here. When this happens, we look to countries close by for support, but we also put out a call to arms to help us find or restore that part of the supply chain. Sometimes, we buy factories, re-shore old machines and make it ourselves. The Origin Factory Blockchain is a transparent look at where every part of your garment or footwear comes from.


  • Upper Leather - Made in Wisconsin
  • Leather Lining - Made in Wisconsin
  • Rubber Outsole - Made in Massachusetts
  • Woven Laces - Made in North Carolina
  • Foam Innersole - Made in Missouri
  • Foam Footbed - Made in Ohio
  • Brass Eyelets - Made in Massachusetts
  • Sewing Thread - Made in North Carolina
  • Vegtan Midsole - Made in South America (help us secure this supply chain)

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Bison Boot
Posted by Katrenia Small on Mar 10th 2022
Absolutely love these, got for my husband for Christmas, he says they are very comfortable, a very well made boot ! ☺️
Buy a pair you won't regret it, the quality is there the price is worth it.
Posted by Chris Reilly on Mar 10th 2022
Still breaking them in, but the quality and comfort is amazing. Well above any store bought boot I've bought at similar price points. This is my work pair, but already looking at another pair for the weekend camping and hiking trips.
Boots built for life
Posted by Sparks, Joshua on Mar 9th 2022
These boots are worth the wait and their weight in gold.... in the Navy and as a tradesman I put my footwear through hell and I honestly believe that these are the most stylish, sturdiest, and all around best boots I have ever purchased. I was able to tell as soon as I pulled them out of the box these boots were made by craftsman who have only two things in mind QUALITY and PRECISION... Origin team I have no words that can properly describe the number of BZ's you all deserve.