The Coronado Boot - Whiskey - Mini-Lug

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The Coronado Boot - Whiskey - Mini-Lug

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Product Description

Story of the Coronado Boot

The Coronado features a very unique tannage. The leather is waxed and has amazing pull-up . A durable leather that holds its shape, but wears in fast and takes on a distressed look for added character.

In 2011 we built a timber frame factory in the woods of Maine. We found the old timers to show us the old ways. We did what had to be done. We dug deep in the ground and in our hearts. We brought back what was forgotten. The people remembered why they used to be makers. “The world’s best”, that’s what American Made used to mean. Here’s the secret... it still does.

All our leather is tanned right here in Maine, 45 minutes from the Origin boot factory. We source our materials and components close to home. From brass eyelets, to laces and thread, everything is sourced domestically. Proving the American supply chain is still very much alive. Have comfort that your boots are 100% Made in America, without compromise.

Please Download and Print Our Boot Sizing Guide

Leather and Brass

Factory Blockchain

At Origin, our promise is Made in America Without Compromise. That means we exhaust exhaust all efforts to source every major and minor material, fiber and component in America, even if it takes longer or the cost is higher. On occasions, we've found America has lost certain manufacturing abilities, and we are unable to make a component here. When this happens, we look to countries close by for support, but we also put out a call to arms to help us find or restore that part of the supply chain. Sometimes, we buy factories, re-shore old machines and make it ourselves. The Origin Factory Blockchain is a transparent look at where every part of your garment or footwear comes from.


  • Upper Leather - Made in Wisconsin
  • Leather Lining - Made in Wisconsin
  • Rubber Outsole - Made in Massachusetts
  • Woven Laces - Made in North Carolina
  • Foam Innersole - Made in Missouri
  • Foam Footbed - Made in Ohio
  • Brass Eyelets - Made in Massachusetts
  • Sewing Thread - Made in North Carolina
  • Vegtan Midsole - Made in South America (help us secure this supply chain)

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49 Ratings
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Posted by Hunter Smith on Aug 26th 2022
Fit using side guide was great. Work on my feet all day sometimes 14 hours. These boots feel solid underneath me all day. No foot, knee or any other leg pain. Great boot made from solid great material that fit and feel good. Hard to beat.
Worth the wait
Posted by Ben on Mar 24th 2022
I only get compliments, and they feel great, they're made well. What sucks about my Redwings is that the tongue always falls to the side because there's no loop to put your laces through, which makes me despise the r-word who designed them. But not my Origin's, the designers and makers of this boot are definitely not r-worded. These boots give me the confidence to aggressively approach any officer, cuz...you know...I gotta do my duty as an ex C.I. Double-agent and stamp these baby-raper's before they cause any more harm. And, I will find where Garth is hiding the bodies....in my beautiful Origin Coronado Whiskey boots.
Instant Classic
Posted by Zachary McCameron on Feb 21st 2022
It was immediately clear that these boots are extremely well-made. This is my first experience with a pair of boots that don't have a padded interior, but once they started to break in, they became very comfortable. They aren't particularly warm, but that can be remedied with a good pair of wool socks, and that makes them superior for the summer time. The lack of padding also makes them noticeably lighter and more flexible than my other boots. Everything from the stitching to the rivets is just immaculate. I really can't imagine a better fit and finish. I printed out Origin's sizing chart and measured three times, very carefully. Unfortunately, the first pair I received were still too large. Origin was extremely prompt with my return, and I received the second pair very quickly. I am very proud to wear an American product that is built to last. I order everything from BJJ gis and supplements to work boots from Origin, and I recommend them to everyone I know.