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Product Description

ORIGIN DELTA 68 Denim Blue Jeans have become America’s iconic denim jean since their launch in 2019. Our proprietary Delta Denim textile is super-soft, super-stretchy and built not only for all day… but ALL WEEK use. So comfortable that underwear is optional. But stretch and comfort don't limit strength. Delta Denim is ultra strong, and undeniably durable. We blended in just enough polyester to keep you cool and comfortable. This performance denim is built to squat, roll, ride or chill. Behind building a great product is 250 years of American makers. A blockchain of manufacturing, starting with Texas cotton, grown sustainably by farmers with soul. Woven in Trion, Georgia at America’s last surviving denim mill. Cut and sewn with pride at the ORIGIN factory in North Carolina. Washed and dried for a pre-shrunk, out of the box fit. Iconic American Denim has been reborn and freedom has been restored.

  • Pre-shrunk, out of the box fit
  • Six Beltloops / Fits 2” belt
  • Super-Stretch Cotton/Poly/Spandex Blend
  • Antimicrobial and Moisture Wicking Properties
  • 3x Felled Inseam Construction
  • Constructed for mobility and Comfort
  • Ergonomic “Shark Fin” Back Pockets
  • Body Mapping Reverse Yokes

Features and Benefits

All ORIGIN Delta 68 Jeans are sewn with pride in our Asheboro, North Carolina factory. Delta Denim is a performance woven textile that flexes and moves like a second skin. An exceptional cut and innovative fabric make the ORIGIN Delta Jeans a best in class choice regardless of geography, season or conditions.

AMERICAN COTTON. AMERICAN MADE. The power of our American supply chain has been silent for too long. Cotton being exported to foreign countries, made into garments and then sold back to us. We decided to change that. Origin is the WAVE OF FREEDOM. That’s what our logo stands for. Reclaiming what was lost. Reshoring our machinery and knowledge. Restoring our abandoned communities.

The Navy SEALs were formed in January of 1962, but it was in the jungles of Vietnam where they earned their fearsome reputation. They operated in the harshest of conditions and utilized innovative tactics and specialized gear to accomplish their missions. After realizing that standard issue jungle fatigues could not stand up to the harsh environment of places like the infamous Mekong Delta, some SEALs began to wear blue jeans.

The SEALs confirmed what Americans have always known: denim jeans are comfortable, durable, and reliable. They get the job done — just like the SEALs did in Vietnam and just like Americans in uniform still do, every day, around the world.

In a salute to the SEALs of Vietnam, and to every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and Marine who serves with honor, ORIGIN is proud to introduce Delta ’68 Jeans — Made in America and inspired by innovation, heritage, and most of all: Freedom.

Fabric and Care

ORIGIN Delta Denim is a proprietary textile built on the Origin Factory Blockchain. Raw Fiber, Woven, Dyed, Cut, Sewn and Finished 100% in America, without compromise. Triple-blended, ORIGIN Delta Denim features world-class, sustainably grown American cotton. This premium cotton is then blended with Origin PolySynth™ recycled fiber for moisture management. A perfect combination of strength, flexibility, durability, fit and comfort.

  • 9.25 oz. Super-Stretch
  • 3/1 Right Hand Twill Denim
  • 86% American Cotton, 12% ORIGIN PolySynth™ Polyester, 2% Spandex
  • Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. No bleach, No softeners. Wash with Darks Only.

Fit and Sizing

SIZING - Origin Delta Jeans are True Fit out of the box and based on standard American sizing. If you normally wear a size 36 waist, buy a size 36 waist. We've taken the liberty to wash and dry your jeans once to provide this True Fit.

What is a Legit Fit? It’s a Classic Cut, mixed with a Boot Cut, modified with a Reverse Yoke and crafted with Heirloom Quality. A modern fit, everyday, all-day jean that looks great with sandals, shoes or boots.

What is a Fighter Fit? It’s a Classic Cut, mixed with a Boot Cut, modified with a Reverse Yoke, tapered below the knee, and crafted with Heirloom Quality. A modern fit, everyday, all-day jean that looks great with sandals, shoes or boots.

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Astounding jeans
Posted by Mitchell smart on Aug 12th 2023
Best Jeans Ever
Posted by Ryan Michler on Jun 26th 2023
If you don't have a pair of Delta jeans yet, get on it. Not only are you supporting America and Americans, you'll look and feel good!
Posted by Christian on Jun 18th 2023
If there's one thing I learned from my 26 years in the military, it's the necessity of proper gear. Gear that not only fits well but also stands up to the rigorous demands of high-stress environments That's why I am writing this review about my purchase of Origin USA's Delta 68 Denim Jeans, Fighter Fit, Black. First off, these jeans are 100% American-made. That matters. It shows a commitment to local craftsmanship, quality control, and the power of our nation's manufacturing capabilities. Like a reliable teammate, these jeans deliver on their promises, exhibiting extraordinary quality in every stitch. Fit and comfort are key components in the arsenal of any good piece of gear. The Fighter Fit of these jeans demonstrates an understanding of this principle. Not overly tight, not excessively loose, but just right—these jeans are built for those who are action-oriented. Whether it's a high-stakes mission or just a casual day off duty, the Fighter Fit offers the perfect balance of comfort and mobility. It adapts to your body, giving you the freedom to move and the confidence to face whatever the day may throw at you. The Delta 68 Denim Jeans are not just about looks; they are built for resilience. The premium denim fabric is designed for endurance and can withstand rough conditions without tearing or wearing thin. This is not a pair of jeans that's going to surrender under stress; it's a piece of clothing designed to last, mirroring the persistence and resilience that are in the heart of every warrior. The black color option adds an element of sleekness and tactical practicality. Finally, every time you put on these jeans, you know you're supporting an American business. You're helping to keep jobs in the USA and promote an ethos of hard work and quality craftsmanship. That's a mission I can stand behind. Overall, the Delta 68 Denim Jeans, Fighter Fit, Black are more than just a piece of clothing. They're a symbol of resilience, a commitment to quality, and a testament to the strength of American manufacturing. Whether you're in the military, a civilian, or somewhere in between, you'll appreciate the dedication to excellence these jeans represent. Stay hard, stay strong, and remember, discipline equals freedom.