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THE HEAVY is a 15oz American cotton blend hybrid hoodie that features heritage focused heirloom quality with modern innovations.

Like everything we engineer, the things we make are built to last a lifetime.

The Heavy is what we call a hybrid cut. It doesn’t have a bulky midsection with a waist that rides up like hoodies you’ve used in the past. At the same time, it’s not a slim European style cut that you can’t fit into. The Heavy is designed for the torso to fit just right, whether you're slim or athletic build, male or female, and it even fits around that dad bod. It all boils down to engineering and key innovations in construction for comfort, utility, and durability.


The Heavy is based on standard American sizing. If you wear an XL t-shirt, buy an XL hoodie. There is no need to go a size up, they are preshrunk with an out of the box fit.


When thinking about the biomechanics of a human torso, we like to break each major body part into components and then think about how those components come together. The head, the torso, the neck, the shoulders, the arms.

Most traditional hoodies are seven pieces. The Heavy is constructed with more than 20 pieces and panels, and two textiles, truly conforming to your body. This decreases friction points, and then we terminate the seams together so that it’s almost unnoticeable. The arms are streamlined, and make contact with your skin so they aren’t flapping in the wind.

The torso and sleeves are longer, but because there is no extra bulk, we accomplished a true universal fit. You can choose to pull the waist down around your hips when working outside in the cold, or leave the rib knit waist on top of your hips for a more traditional look.



The Heavy is manufactured with two innovative textiles. The first is a heavy duty rib knit fabric that’s designed to work like an accordion. We use it under the arms and over the shoulder. It opens and closes with movement and body shape. The under arm gusset ribs run vertically, allowing it to shape to a male or female body.

Because the hybrid cut is a multi-panel system, it always stretches in the right places, articulates, expands and retracts as you move through your daily activities.

For Origin, form always follows function. With a utilitarian-forward mindset, the Heavy is truly built to work, made for life.


Not only do we pre-shrink the garment for an out-of-the box fit, but the comfort of this hoodie is truly in a class of its own. The inside is a brushed fleece, and because we added a little polysynth fiber, it’s extra soft, and also wicks moisture to keep you both warm and dry.


We didn’t stop there, we painstakingly flatlock stitched every seam. So if you skip a t-shirt and throw this over bare skin, you won’t feel a seam, and there are no chafe points.

We also asked the question, can it be both comfortable and durable? It's usually one or the other, but we found a way to engineer The Heavy in a way that you want to both sleep in and work in. On a lobster boat, a construction site, or cuddling up to binge watch a Netflix special, a 14-hour day in the Heavy is no factor.


The innovations in our hood are really something special, starting with the way it feels when you put it on. No more cutting slits, or stretching the neck to fit, or giving birth to your face trying to pull a hoodie over your head.

The hood features two snaps that create protection from the elements, and a cinch close drawstring for extra close protection. The hood is double-lined because we want to keep the heat in, but it also features a rib knit gusset to stretch around a beanie or hardhat.


Our last innovation is the utility upgrade to the traditional kangaroo pocket. It’s jersey lined with an additional pocket including a waterproof zipper for securing valuables. The zipper opens up to a full width pocket that goes from seam to seam for accessibility, and the sides are sewn as a safety net for extra durability. Some call it the 10th Planet pocket (if you know, you know).


Designed in the US, Sourced in the US, & Made by American Hands

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Heavy Hoodie - Made the way God intended
Posted by JEFFREY EDWARDS on Apr 12th 2023
Easily the best feeling hoodie I've ever worn. Super dense, comfortable and well made. I'm 6'5" 280 and it's long enough and fits across my chest and shoulders perfectly. Made in America and the same price or less expensive that half the foreign stuff, you have no reason not to buy this instead!
The Heavy Hoodie
Posted by Drew Dougherty on Apr 2nd 2023
Threw 36 Holes of Disc Golf on a Wooded Mountain Course in the Wind, Rain, Sleet, and Snow wearing this Beast of a Hoodie. A lot of guys were dropping out and fouling out but not this well-prepared, and well-outfitted warrior. Thank you, Origin. God Bless America.
Posted by George Eliopoulos on Mar 31st 2023
The quality of this product is second to none . Very heavy weight! Awesome fit and feel!