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    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Posted by Brandon on Mar 31st 2022

    I’ve tried quite a few test boosters in my time. I’m 37 and I definitely feel my levels dropping. The problem is so many products out there raise your levels synthetically. Two problems with that. You get aggressive and mean and when you inevitably stop taking it, your test levels drop dramatically and you’re in a worse position that you were before. This has definitely increased my test naturally and safely. I feel the good manly motivation I’ve been needing. This has been a blessing for me and I applaud Origin for making a safe and effective testosterone booster

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    I actually makes a difference

    Posted by Travis Arnett on Feb 19th 2022

    I really does help. I have more energy, more desire to workout and weight loss when taking this. I managed to skip a month of last order and just waited till next one. I noticed the difference without it. Wife also says im less of an a$$hole while on it so thats something maybe. If you are over 30 i give it my full honest recomendation. I give this a big part of the credit for dropping 40lbs in the last year. I really struggled to drop and maintain lost weight before starting this.

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    Awesome little boost

    Posted by Eric Ledesma on Feb 4th 2022

    I’m only taking a third of the daily dosage recommended and I’m finding greater energy and drive in pretty much everything I do

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