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COLD WAR* is your defense to the all defeating bugs that ravage our everyday lives. In today’s age where downtime is unacceptable, we simply do not have the time to be sick. That's why we created Cold War*. A blend of superfoods, minerals, and herbs that work together to combat illness and stop bugs in their tracks. Whether you’re trying to fight off a cold or simply have a big event ahead Cold War* has your back in the war against illness.

Vitamin C: Long known its immune benefits Vitamin C is a classic powerhouse to any flu fighting formula.

Vitamin D3: You may have had your Doctor talk about getting more sunlight. If so there's a primary reason. The sun is our primary source of Vitamin D3 and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere you are likely not getting enough. What's worse is recent science shows that even if you do, depending on your genetics, it may not matter as some people poorly absorb D3 from sunlight simply based on their DNA. The good news is D3 is highly absorbable orally making it a perfect Vitamin to supplement. D3 deficiencies are linked to reduced immunity, cognitive decline and S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Zinc: An essential trace mineral, Zinc is necessary for healthy cellular function. Long known for its immune benefits Zinc has been supplemented for decades for its immune benefits. However, only until recently did we know the effects of combining Zinc with Picolinic Acid for absorption. Zinc Picolinate is the most absorbable form of Zinc which is what we use in any of our formulas containing Zinc.

Aged Garlic Extract: Garlic, a true superfood, has been shown in studies to have positive effects on T-cell count, a major contributor in immunity. We use Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) which has been shown to be more efficacious than raw or non-aged garlic extract.  People typically find that AGE also has less of the "bad" breath or garlic burps than raw or traditional garlic extracts.

Organic Elderberry Extract: Elderberry extract has long been considered a powerful supplement for immune support. Traditionally used for centuries, elderberry extract has shown positive results in clinical trials regarding immune support.

Olive Leaf Extract: OLE has been used in the Mediterranean for thousands of years for its many health benefits. Along with its use for osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease, it also happens to be great at supporting immunity.

Astragalus: A powerful herb used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, Astragalus has been shown in studies to activate immune function. People use long used this at the onset of a cold or flu and report a significant decrease in length of illness.


Vitamin C -

Vitamin D -

Zinc -

Zinc Picolinate -

Aged Garlic Extract -

Organic Elderberry Extract -

Olive Leaf Extract -

Astragalus -

cGMP Compliant
Made In A FDA Registered Facility


Jocko Cold War

Developed in partnership with Jocko Willink, Cold War is your answer to weakened immunity. Having experienced some of the hardest conditions on earth Jocko knows the standard needed to maintain the machine.

  • Immune System Support
  • Ancestral Ingredients
  • Safe and Tested

Powerful Immune System Support
Cold War is a combination of super powerful vitamins, herbs and botanicals traditionally used individually for thousands of years. Here at Jocko Fuel we’ve created a unique blend of these superfoods and nutraceuticals working in synergy to support your immunity when under attack.

Ideal for Daily Use
We recommend using 3 capsules daily to support healthy immunity. In moments of illness we recommend 3 capsules twice daily.

Made with High Quality Standards
Jocko Fuel products are manufactured at a high level of quality.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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  • 5
    Covid Killer!

    Posted by Isaac Mansour on Jan 28th 2021

    Tis’ the Season! Kill the Covid Nonsense. I don’t plan on getting sick with Cold War. Great Supplement to throw in

  • 5
    Jocko Cold War

    Posted by Julie Dimitrov on Jan 11th 2021

    Jocko Cold War has been a great benefit to our family in combating colds and other viruses being passed around in the community. We take 2 capsules daily as a supplement or 4 to 6 during high cold/flu seasons. We count on it to boost our immune system and keep us healthy.

  • 5
    Cold War

    Posted by Andrew L Hartman on Jan 7th 2021

    Great supplement to an overall wellness strategy. I have not been ill since I started using this in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise. Part of my daily routine for sure!

  • 5
    Jocko- Cold War

    Posted by Josh on Jan 5th 2021

    I have went through about a few bottles now and I continue to monitor my immune system by taking these supplements everyday! Love the product, make a LARGE size please!

  • 5
    ColdWar For Everyone

    Posted by Joe Tassani on Jan 4th 2021

    Really should be a part of the routine, it is for me and I feel great everyday.

  • 5
    Keeps me going strong

    Posted by Colin R on Jan 4th 2021

    Cold War keeps me feeling healthy. If I start feeling a possible sickness coming on, I up my dosage to fight it off. When you live a life where you can’t afford to slow down, Cold War keeps you going strong.

  • 5
    Jocko Cold War

    Posted by Robert Smallwood Jr on Jan 3rd 2021

    Been a fan and customer of Origin products since 2017. Quality, transparency, and made in America. Fan for life.

  • 5
    Jocko Cold War

    Posted by TC on Jan 3rd 2021

    The best product you can buy for building your immune system. Buy it you want regret it!!

  • 5
    China virus look out

    Posted by Jonathan Gifford on Jan 3rd 2021

    Can’t say with absolute certainty but I’m just sayin I’ve been taking this everyday for well over a year and haven’t been sick once. Even being around people with the China virus nothing plus no flu last year or this year.