JOCKO GO DRINK - POMR - (Pack of 12)

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Ready To Drink Discipline GO







INGREDIENTS: Filtered Carbonated Water, Natural flavor, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract

Contains 95mg of Caffeine per serving.

Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or persons sensitive to caffeine.

cGMP Compliant
Made In A FDA Registered Facility

Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Discipline Go Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

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  • 5

    Posted by Adin on Apr 20th 2021

    Just get it, you will not regret it!

  • 5
    Pomr flavor

    Posted by Dave Kierce on Apr 7th 2021

    It’s legit, and I don’t feel the jitters from caffeine or artificial products. As big as the esport genre has become, these should be sold to esport organizations. Let me know if your hiring.

  • 5

    Posted by Leo on Apr 6th 2021

    This flavor is my go to right now. The more I buy the more I drink. I try to stock up but it just doesn’t work.

  • 5
    Jocko GO drink

    Posted by Vincent on Apr 1st 2021

    Bought these for my son who is an engineering student at college and also a member of AROTC. Between studies, military courses/training, and early morning PT, sleep is hard to come by. He was indulging in the usual mass market energy drinks when he needed a boost. The ingredients list in those is enough to make you sick. And way too much sugar, caffeine, and unknown herbal stimulants. Jocko GO has limited natural ingredients, a reasonable amount of caffeine, and my son says the Jocko Pom'r tastes great. I just sent him his fourth case.

  • 5

    Posted by Melvin Flores on Mar 16th 2021

    Start my day with JOCKO GO, don't leave the house without it.

  • 5
    Top 3 Flavor rankings

    Posted by Leo on Mar 11th 2021

    1. Jocko Pom’r 2. Tropic Thunder 3. Dak Savage Admittedly I have not tried all the flavors. But I’m stuck on the Pom’r right now. So tasty.

  • 5
    Amazing Drink

    Posted by Justin Andes on Mar 2nd 2021

    I purchased the Jocko Pom'r flavor of Discipline Go recently. This was my third order of this flavor in 3 months. Jocko Pom'r is easily my favorite flavor currently in the Discipline Go lineup because it tastes EXACLTY like what you would expect an Arnold Palmer to taste like. There are also no "gritty" bits settled at the bottom of the can to absolutely ruin your last sip of the drink. I feel a heightened sense of awareness after drinking just one can of this drink. I've drank hundreds of "popular" energy drinks before and have not received the benefits that Discipline Go have given to me, so i know that the heightened awareness is not a placebo effect from the marketing in the "Supportch" section of the Jocko Podcast. There is also no crash effect after a few hours that leaves me more tired than I was prior to drinking my Discipline Go, no times where I feel my heart is racing too fast for nothing, and all-in-all I just feel good to go after drinking a Discipline Go. Highest recommendation for this energy drink to anyone who wants to give it a try.

  • 5
    Best Flavor By Far

    Posted by Natalia Smalley on Mar 2nd 2021

    I absolutely LOVE this flavor of Jocko’s energy drink. Not too sweet and not too sour. I drink one every day at work and it gives me lots of energy with no jitters which is awesome. Will keep on buying this!

  • 5
    Jocko Fuel

    Posted by James on Feb 23rd 2021

    Tastes really good; it’s not too sweet and doesn’t make me jittery at all. Wish it was a little bit cheaper though, but still worth the price as is.