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Ready To Drink Discipline GO






INGREDIENTS: Filtered Carbonated Water, Natural flavor, Citric Acid, Monk Fruit Extract

Contains 95mg of Caffeine per serving.

Not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, or persons sensitive to caffeine.

cGMP Compliant
Made In A FDA Registered Facility

Supplement Facts / Ingredients

Discipline Go Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

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    Jocko Discipline Go Tropic Thunder

    Posted by Brian Reynolds on Feb 24th 2020

    This is great tasting and perfectly balanced. The taste is great and not overpowering with no aftertaste. It doesn't taste syrupy like some other energy drinks. The 95mg of caffeine is just the right amount so there is no crash later. I also like the lack of artificial colors and sweeteners. You owe it to yourself to try this product.

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    Healthy way

    Posted by Kyle on Jan 31st 2020

    I love the product ! I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen how good they taste and how they are healthier for you.

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    Posted by Bryan Williams on Jan 17th 2020

    Tropic thunder is my favorite flavor and when the energy kicks in I can change the brakes on my veloster, run 2 miles, spend a quick 15 minutes with the wife ;) and then go to the gym and last the 2 hours I’m there, then pick up dinner and feed my lady. All this and I don’t feel like a crack fiend. It’s a good product for sure.

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    Good stuff

    Posted by Shane on Jan 13th 2020

    I really like this energy drink, it's a great replacement for the sugary BS that you can find elsewhere. This or DAK Savage are my new go to energy drinks.

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    Stay up on graveyard

    Posted by Mehmet Gunay on Dec 7th 2019

    I was working graveyard shifts up until recently. I drank almost any and all kind of canned poison called energy drinks. I'm sure you all have, you also know they taste horrible and always sugar and/or other sugar supplements make them taste slightly better, but that also makes you crush after couple hours at best. I didn't experience this with Discipline GO. I would drink one can and that can is no bigger than a regular Red Bull, I was like an owl my whole shift. I got performance increase throughout the days I was drinking. Also it has almost no carbs so you are good if you are doing low carb or keto kind of diets.

    Only disadvantage of this product you have to order online. I wish I could just go to a local Origin store and buy it in person. But that to happen gotta keep supporting Origin.

    For some people taste my little off when you compared to all that sugar and chemical filled energy drinks. But you pass it over very quick. I personally liked Tropic Thunder better than the Citrus Psycho. It's a personal choice so go get some so you can see what is your favorite.

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    Clean energy without the aftertaste

    Posted by Bart Kareken on Oct 10th 2019

    Good clean energy. I appreciate that the ingredient list is super short and full of things I can look up easily.

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    GO Full Recharge!

    Posted by Ortega on Oct 8th 2019

    Piña colada subtle flavor and light in the gut. Quickly recharges, refocuses, and refreshes the ancient reptile brain and the innovating big brain. When the crispy can pop is perfectly timed with a Jocko podcast can pop it instantly produces a limitless pill effect on your ability to quickly and effectively prioritize and execute. GO!

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    Jocko Discipline Go Tropic Thunder

    Posted by Andrew Lankford on Oct 7th 2019

    Tastes good enough but I prefer the Citrus Psycho. A far healthier choice than any other energy drink I’ve tried.

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    Makes you wanna GO

    Posted by Mike Green on Sep 30th 2019

    Great energy drink. Note that coconut flavor is super strong. So if you don’t like that try other flavor.