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THE FACTS: Blended with some of the world's rarest and most potent all-natural ingredients, DISCIPLINE is designed and engineered for anyone that wants to get after it in life. Pre-meeting, pre-workout, pre-negotiation, PRE-MISSION. If you are looking for an extra cognitive or physical edge, DISCIPLINE is your force multiplier. We've re-invented what it means to be an entrepreneur, athlete, student, artist...HUMAN.


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cGMP Compliant
Made In A FDA Registered Facility

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  • 4
    Good Stuff

    Posted by Sam on Oct 25th 2018

    I have really enjoyed Discipline. I have used Discipline pre-work out and pre jiu-jitsu. It's very helpful getting me ready before my 6am jiu-jitsu rolls. I would like to see the individual packets come out again. The individual packets were very convenient and the perfect amount.

  • 5
    Different in a good way.

    Posted by Igor on Oct 18th 2018

    Seems like most pre workout stuff gets you so amped that you can be out of control. This stuff feeds you as your body asks for it. No crazy psycho kick, just good ass energy as you apply yourself. Don't know how else to put it. I take a rounded scoop everyday. Hell yeah!

  • 5
    Difference Maker

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 15th 2018

    Gives you an extra boost without the jitters or sugar crash.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 8th 2018

    Worth every penny

  • 5
    Focus and energy

    Posted by Tim Rockett on Oct 8th 2018

    Tastes great and gives me noticeable focus and energy. I'm on the discipline train!

  • 4
    Great stuff

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 5th 2018

    Love the product especially before Jiu Jitsu you feel way more focused when taking it than when you don’t!

  • 5
    Best product ever

    Posted by Malcolm on Oct 3rd 2018

    I have used many product for both my corporate work and training for national motocross back in South Africa. Since moving to USA 3 months ago and starting Discipline I feel so much more efficient and focused in both work and MX training. I have been able to up my game considerably. I feel better now at 36 than I did in my 20’s. Can’t thank Origin and Jocko enough for the products.
    Not only am I using Discipline but joint warfare and Krill oil as well. I will stand as an ambassador to the product because it has phenomenal results in all fields

  • 5
    Awsome Product

    Posted by Mike on Oct 3rd 2018

    Works even better than expected

  • 5
    The stuff is amazing

    Posted by J.C. on Oct 2nd 2018

    I feel superhuman on this stuff. Been taking it before big meetings, before big blocks of time where I really need to focus, and before jits.

    Sad to see the single serve packs are gone now! They were great to take to work.

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