JOCKO MÖLK - Strawberry Protein


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It's not just Protein.... It's MÖLK! 

MÖLK is a time release blend of Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Egg. MÖLK fuels growth, and muscle recovery all day long. MÖLK also contains a complex of digestive enzymes, and probiotics to keep your guts in check, and make sure everything moves smooth. Sweetened with all natural, ZERO calorie MONK fruit, MÖLK contains just 2 net carbs, and no added sugar. MÖLK is perfect as a keto friendly meal replacement. Did we mention it taste ridiculous and has amazing mix-ability? GET BÖLK, GET MÖLK!

there is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary

cGMP Compliant
Made In A FDA Registered Facility

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  • 5
    It’s real good.

    Posted by Colby Anderson on Sep 15th 2019

    It’s really good!

  • 5
    Mölk Strawberry

    Posted by Dave S. on Sep 14th 2019


  • 5
    Very Good

    Posted by Colby Anderson on Sep 13th 2019

    It’s Good

  • 5
    Surprisingly Good

    Posted by Mike Gaboury on Sep 13th 2019

    I have not been a fan of protein powders until now. Most are chalky or gritty and have a funny aftertaste. This one is delicious. Toss some milk, a handful of frozen strawberries and maybe a banana in the blender and breakfast is served. Can't wait to try some of the other flavors.

  • 5

    Posted by Mitch Smith on Sep 4th 2019

    Taste is great, effect is even better!

  • 5
    Strawberry Slayer Molk

    Posted by Emile Guedon II on Aug 21st 2019

    Molk GOOD, especially the Strawberry Slayer!

  • 3

    Posted by Mark Lehmkuhl on Aug 21st 2019

    I've enjoyed and liked every product I have bought and ingested from Origin Labs...until now. I've tried other flavors of the Molk, especially the Mint Chocolate, however the clumping with the Strawberry Slayer is a turn off. I've attempted to use it with tap water, cold water, milk, almond milk, etc. and it continues to clump fairly heavily. The one successful option is throwing it in a Bullet blender, but with various shaker cups, it's been no bueno. The flavor works, but the chunks kind of kill it for me. I'll be ordering some of the other flavors to see if the results vary. Worst case, back to the Mint Chocolate.

  • 5
    Strawberry Slayer!

    Posted by Stephen Smith on Aug 20th 2019

    Fantastic taste and mixes easily. Highly recommended!!

  • 5
    Love the taste

    Posted by Mike Allen on Aug 19th 2019

    Molk with water is ok, but if you throw almond or coconut milk in there it is next level.

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