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    Mayhem out there

    Posted by RyDe on Jan 11th 2022

    Brah.. I tried the mango mayhem pre workout before our Saturday open mat. Got me a solid 2 hours of training and rolling. No problem, easy day. Function and flavor gets 6 stars all daaaay

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    Another Great Product from Origin Maine

    Posted by Manny on Dec 27th 2021

    This is the best pre-workout if ever taken. Taste: I’ve learned to ignore the hype around pre-workouts. Most are super tangy to mask the ingredients. While this Passion Fruit Mango Mayham is a bit tangy, it is not overwhelming. Having grown up in the Caribbean, I am skeptic of “mango” flavored items. While this does not taste like a mango, it’s still really good. Performance: Freaking awesome!!! It hits within 30-minutes of consuming the drink. The boost is consistent and does not have a “crash” element. As an added benefit, this can be used for cardio-heavy workouts without stomach discomfort.

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    Great Pre-Workout With Little Caffeine

    Posted by Joshua Youngen on Dec 25th 2021

    I love this pre-workout for multiple reasons. First, it gets you moving and does not wear off quickly like some that I have used in the past. Also, I love how it is not full of caffeine. This is great because I can use it in the evening when I get home from work late and it doesn't bother me when I go to bed after my workout. It's nice to have a pre-workout that doesn't push my caffeine intake limit in one scoop. I would highly recommend this product!

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