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The OrangaHang™ PRO is a unique training product designed for Gi BJJ Players looking to push their grip strength and finger conditioning to the next level. Made from our state of the art Dragon weave that is treated with Silverwick™ to be 100% antimicrobial. Working on grip strength with standard gym equipment does not activate the proper muscles for serious Gi BJJ practicioners. The OrangaHang™ PRO is a versatile piece of equipment that can be attached to machines or looped through chin up bars, kettlebells, gym rings and much more. Check out the video and start your evolution in grip training!

  • Condition Your Fingers & Hands
  • 100% Antimicrobial
  • STRONG Band Included
  • Strengthen Your Extensor & Dorsal Muscles
  • Hang Grip, Pistol Grip or Collar Grip
  • Clip on Weight Machines
  • Loop Through Chin up Bars


Origin's STRONG Resistance Bands are made from high quality, long-life rubber (99% latex free) to ensure maximum durability. Our bands are overbuilt and feature a external protection sleeve, climbing rated spring clips and high strength webbing. Our bands are ideal for physical therapy, grip training, conditioning, weight loss, yoga, muscle toning, muscle strengthening, and general fitness. Origin STRONG Resistance Bands are great for home use, gym use, office use, and are ideal for travel.


  • Stackable resistance bands with Carabiner clips
  • Made of the highest quality rubber and 99% latex free
  • Great for gym, home, travel and office use



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