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5X More Potent than Fish Oil, and No Fish Burps

You know about the dozens of published studies that tout the benefits of fish oil, improved joint health, improved cardio, improved mental function, reduced inflammation, etc. In fact, if you had to choose just one high quality supplement to add to your diet it would have been fish oil. But pure Krill Oil is even more powerful, easier to take, has additional benefits you can't get from regular fish oil, and won't give you the dreaded fish burps. Jocko Super Krill by Origin Labs is amplified and packed with more Omega 3 fatty acids than your average krill oil.


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    Krill Oil Effect

    Posted by Nathan Moore on Aug 13th 2019

    I heard about it from the Jocko Podcast and even though I’m only 20 and don’t have joint issues/pain yet. I run a lot, train CrossFit a lot and train BJJ/MMA so there can be joint soreness occasionally and I plan on a career in the military so I want to be proactive with protecting my joints. When I’m using the Super Krill I don’t feel the joint soreness I usually experience after hard training sessions of BJJ which surprised me. My knees don’t feel so sore/inflamed after a heavy leg/squat day and my knees feel better after my long runs. Good product and would recommend to anyone and any athlete of any age.

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    Great stuff!

    Posted by Christopher Flemmer on Aug 12th 2019

    After researching the brains need for certain oils that you only get from certain foods I decided on this kri oil as the supplement. Unless you are severely deficient and experiencing headaches or huge mood swings you shouldn't "notice" a difference. There are other ways to get the oils you need but this way is very efficient and the bottle looks awesome!

  • 5

    Posted by Joshua Fields on Aug 11th 2019

    This product has became a part of my morning routine. It’s a fantastic product that will make you feel better each day you take it.

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    Krill Oil

    Posted by James Muller on Aug 11th 2019

    Keeps my body chemistry in balance.

  • 5
    Jocko Super Krill

    Posted by Leonardo Rosa on Aug 3rd 2019

    Keeps your blood thin and running smooth throughout the body... Amazing for recovery mid and after a workout when flushing out all that lactic acid!

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    Super Krill Oil

    Posted by Stephen White on Jul 30th 2019

    Excellent product. DHA is a recommended supplement for anyone for brain injuries by most neurologists. Those of us in contact sports this should be a staple. Also amazing for the joints and good for brain health.

  • 5
    So Legit

    Posted by Joshua Peabody on Jul 23rd 2019

    Not only does it work wonders, it actually smells amazing!

  • 5
    Jocko Super Krill Oil

    Posted by Cyrus Wise on Jul 18th 2019

    This is the best supplement I have ever used. After using it consistently, I feel better than I have in a long time.

  • 5
    Super Krill

    Posted by Jason on Jul 12th 2019

    It simply works. Get some.
    Pun intended

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