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5X More Potent than Fish Oil, and No Fish Burps

You know about the dozens of published studies that tout the benefits of fish oil, improved joint health, improved cardio, improved mental function, reduced inflammation, etc. In fact, if you had to choose just one high quality supplement to add to your diet it would have been fish oil. But pure Krill Oil is even more powerful, easier to take, has additional benefits you can't get from regular fish oil, and won't give you the dreaded fish burps. Jocko Super Krill by Origin Labs is amplified and packed with more Omega 3 fatty acids than your average krill oil.


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  • 5
    Super Krill

    Posted by Rick Sherwood on Apr 18th 2019

    Triglycerides are 66 now down from 140 Delivery was on point SF Rick

  • 5
    Jocko Super Krill Oil

    Posted by Stephen Smith on Apr 16th 2019

    Great Product! felt a difference in my joints within days. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Super Krill

    Posted by Waylon on Apr 9th 2019

    The pills have a sort of vanilla taste to them which I think is great and I feel like my shoulders and knees are more lubed up since I started using this.

  • 5
    Super Krill and Joint Warefare

    Posted by Dave on Apr 5th 2019

    I can definitely tell that the Super Krill gives me a mental edge on the day. I'm on again off again when taking the Super Krill but when I'm on I can definitely feel the benefits. Joint warfare and super Krill have been an amazing super set of supplements. I was feeling joint pain from lifting heavy and once I got back on joint warfare and super Krill my joint pain. Was gone within a few days. I definitely suggest these supplements if you are an active person or if you have joint issues.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by on Apr 1st 2019

    Since getting on the path I have used krill. No after taste like other fish oil supplements. Just got blood work done at my Dr. and all my lev last have improved and I attribute part of that to the Origin products including Krill

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Halwix on Mar 24th 2019

    Epic product, my knees don't hurt anymore, definitely feel an uptick in cognitive function and super tasty with not fishy burps. Cant wait for my Discipline GO to come in the mail so I can compund the beneficial interest. GET SOME!

  • 5
    A must have supplement!

    Posted by Darrell Wilkerson on Mar 22nd 2019

    I suffered from chronic golfer and tennis elbow on the same arm due to over use. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatories couldn’t cure. Two months on Jocko’s Krill Oil and Joint Warfare and I’m good to go. It’s for real and I recommend to everyone I know.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 11th 2019

    Amazing product!

  • 5
    Slam Dunk

    Posted by Joe on Mar 7th 2019

    I heard about these from Ryan with Order of Man. These are easy to swalloe and fiah burp free!