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• What size gi would fit me best?


The best place to start would be our sizing chart. As for the pants we recommend that you go up one size in the waist and down one size on the inseam. The pants are made from our Atomic Twill™ and will shrink a small amount after they have been worn and washed. That is why we recommend going up one size in the waist and jeans are meant to have the cuff set at the floor where as BJJ pants should be more around the peak of your ankle and that is why we recommend going down one size on the inseam.


• Do you have wholesale pricing for schools?


Yes we do! For details on how to becoming a wholesaler email with the subject line "Becoming an Origin Wholesaler".

• How do I update or cancel my subscription for my supplements?


If you login to your account there is a link on the left or another one at the very bottom of the screen that says "Subscriptions" that you can click on. It will show all your products you are subscribed to and you can adjust how often they are delivered or cancel subscription from right there.


• Can you make just one custom gi?


Yes we can but it is going to cost much more than our standard batch of 25-30. The reason is the setup cost. If it costs us $400 to design and setup up all the embroidery files, thread and sewing machines all that goes into one gi instead of being able to spread it over 30 gi's. We do get people willing to pay for that perfect gi and if your still interested just fill out the custom gi form. *A common spin off of this one is "Can I get your gi with no embroidery?" - It is actually more expensive for us because we have to have someone follow it through the process and pull it out at specific times instead of just traveling through the entire process with the rest of the batch. It also has to be done when a batch of that size jacket and pants are being cut so it may take an extra long time to get one or if we have to cut it special for just one gi the cost goes up again.


• How much does it cost to ship gear to me?


The best way to get the exact cost is to add the gear you are interested in and start the checkout process. It will give you the exact shipping total before it asks for any credit card information.


• I am looking for a sponsorship.


We are a young company that is growing fast so we may not be able to sponsor everyone right now but we like to know who the up and comers are for when we can. To even be considered be sure and include a list of all the larger events you have competed in and how you placed plus a link to YouTube videos of your matches.


• Part of my gear ripped or had a faulty stitch?


This type of thing happens every once in a while and it’s not your fault. It is most likely a manufacturing or material defect. We stand behind our products 100% so we will have no problem exchanging this for you. Let us know the size an color. Please send the faulty gear back to us with a note that includes your name, return address and the size and color. You can send to: Origin 125 High St, Farmington, Maine 04938 *This is also the same process if you are looking to exchange gear.


• Do you offer a military discount?


Yes, call us for more information 1-888-858-1416


• Do you sell just pants?




• I haven't received any tracking info/confirmation info about my order?


Normally if you haven't received a confirmation email you accidentally put your email in wrong or was blocked by a spam filter. If it was put in wrong it will also bounce the tracking info email back to us. If you did receive a confirmation email but no tracking info email it's because your gear hasn't shipped yet or your spam filter blocked it. Our shipping software generates the email when the box is packed.


• Do you still have the Gensis, One World, 2011 Comp550, Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Zen gi and so on?


No, we are completely out of all of them and don't have a single one in the warehouse. These models were all made over seas so we don't have the patterns or files to make them.


Because we manufacturer our products from scratch, and hem pants per order, we do have a 15% restocking fee for any returns for a refund. If you would like to return an unused/unwashed product for a credit to your account, there is no restocking fee.


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